Monday, 24 May 2010

Reflections of Kafka - 20th May

Tonight, first of all we went over the introductory scene. Where I, and the majority of the cast. Do three sleeping movements. Which become more restless after time. This was good, as it helps it become instinctual. Which I like for memories sake.

Then Mark and Ros worked on the Grandfather scene.

Then we all choose a persons strut. I choose someone’s strut, who is in protection. Which I do in a M shape across the stage.

And the final piece of the script we learned. Was highly significant to me. I particularly enjoyed reciting the script. I’d been learning it all week. I remembered most of it. But I felt a total transition, in my performance, after Juliet’s coaching. It felt great. We went over quite a lot of painstaking detail. And added a kind of make believe, happy ending pose, with me and Ros. Tonight I learnt a lot about expressing myself. About passion. A lot about eye contact. I felt the reward of getting out of what you put in. An I put a lot in! I felt a leap. In the direction of improving my acting. Which is what I fundamentally want. To improve my acting.

In response to the question, what does it mean to me to be performing at the theatre royal. It means the world. If someone had told me along time ago, I’d be performing at the theatre royal. I’d have said. “ What? Me an actor!” I would have laughed.

In terms of how it effects the company, it’s one hundred percent magic. It started off as something to do. But now, it’s like a white lights shining down, an I may even take on a part time degree in Theatre at St Johns. I hope we will achieve, a great deal of growth as actors. And for me personally a lot of growth regarding my illness. Confidence boost!
I also hope Out of Characters reputation will strengthen because of the theatre royal performance.

We have also done an will be doing a lot of physical theatre. I have never fine tuned such subtle skills before. All in all, a brilliant two an a half hours!