Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Kafka Rehearsals

Script work continued this week with the company trying to get to grips with the staging of the opening two scenes. There's alot of physical movement involved and we're trying to be loosely synchronised with each other. Which isn't easy when you have your eyes closed for part of it. Hopefully it will look great.

Also we're having to keep in mind how much space we will actually have, especially once we have some form of set. Juliet's ideas for it and how it will be used should look really exciting. I've had some interesting discussions with her about the set, and while I would like to design something epic - there's just the small problem of space...materials...my lack of knowledge...space...and of course money.

Although we've been developing work for a few weeks and even have a script, it still feels a bit unreal that we're set to perform at York Theatre Royal. Then last week I saw the large promo poster outside the theatre. I guess there's no denying they really are expecting a show. Best get learning those lines!