Friday, 2 July 2010

Director's notes on a sell out show!

“It is through writing that I keep a hold on life.”
Franz Kafka

Many of us involved in this production would agree with Kafka – maybe not all of us through writing, but certainly through one form of creative expression or another. We channel our anxieties, our hopes and our fears through this creativity in an attempt to make sense of our lives. Artistic expression, far from being an add-on, a form of therapy, is part of who we are: it is one of the earliest and most primal needs we experience as human beings. The need to pour our experiences into art, to form a perspective, to communicate better through it, to share our commonality with others in it, and understand ourselves more fully as a result. This need seems fundamental to the human condition.

I have wanted to make a play drawn from Kafka’s short stories for about ten years now, and am delighted that I finally have the chance to do it – and I cannot think of a better group of people to have created it with. Out of Character is made up of unique, honest and creative individuals who have been a pleasure to work with, as we have devised, discussed, rehearsed, played with and identified with these extraordinary and yet little known stories from one of the 20th Century’s greatest writers.

Juliet Forster