Saturday, 12 June 2010

Rehearsal 10/06

Today we had the sound engineer in to create strange noises for our play 'Kafka'. It was a particularly good session as we were able to experiment with our voices, sounds of birds singing, insects and a summer breeze.

The sound engineer told us some fascinating information on how all the ghostly noises in the film 'The Sixth Sense' were made by combining human voices rather than musical sound effects. He has worked with David Attenborough and is now going to London to do the sound effects for the play 'The Railway Children'.

On a personal note I have been rehearsing 'Dora' a depressed woman, who doesn't manage to overcome her depression, no matter how hard she tries. I am playing her like a marionette so have been learning slow dance moves to create the image.
We are very lucky to have an experienced director like Juliet Forster who has been working at York Theatre Royal for a number of years.

It has been a very interesting experience and has taught me how much hard goes into making a play.
Less than a month to go, and I am getting nervous now but enjoying every minute.